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Visa Change is a convenient visa provision where in the existing Dubai visa holders are able to change the visa and lengthen their stay in the UAE by obtaining a new 30 days or 60 days visa. This is especially beneficial for visitors traveling to Dubai or UAE from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt, they can change their visa upon its expiration without the hassle of flying to their home country. So, if you’re considering a VISA CHANGE IN DUBAI and would like to know more about it, here is everything you need to be aware of points to consider as well as its diverse options which even sometimes allow for a visa change the same day.

(With the helpful visa option known as “Visa Change,” current Dubai visa holders can extend their stay in the UAE by switching to a new 30 or 60 days visa. Visitors coming from nations like India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Egypt, and others who are heading to Dubai or the UAE will particularly benefit from this because they can update their visa when it expires without having to fly back to their home country. Therefore, if you’re thinking about changing your visa in Dubai and would like to learn more about it, here is everything you need to know about things to think about as well as its many alternatives, some of which even let you change your visa the same day.)

Dubai Visa Change

  • As visa change is not granted or applied automatically, make sure that you submit your visa change application well before the validity of your UAE visa ends.
  • Choose the appropriate option.
  • Attach all documents, to ensure the quick processing of your visa change.
  • Most importantly, get your Dubai visa change processing done through a professional service provider with exceptional experience and knowledge in all aspects of the UAE visa services.
  • Since the visa change mostly involves traveling to a neighboring country and staying there (particularly in the case of Oman visa change via road) for a day or two, be sure to keep enough money to meet any additional expense.
  • As it will be most crowded, avoid weekends and public holidays for your visa change travel.
  • as well as its diverse options which even sometimes allow for a visa change the same day.

Documents Required For Dubai Visa Change

  • Passport and visa copies of each visitor
  • Guarantor’s documents such as copies of Residence Visa, Passport, and Emirates ID
  • Passport-size photo of a visitor (captured against the white background)
  • A cash deposit (if required)
  • Visa fee as stipulated


You can choose from one of these options to change your UAE visa.

  • Visa Run:In Visa Run Dubai, you will travel to a neighboring country (mostly Muscat (Oman), Bahrain or Kish Island) in order to get the visa changed or renewed. Leaving from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, you will re-enter the country (UAE) as the new 30-day visa or 60-day visa is issued.
  • Oman Visa Change via Road: For this visa change option, you’ll travel to Oman and stay here till your UAE visa is approved in two or three days. In fact, your service provider will take care of everything from Oman visa and UAE visa to two-way transfers between Dubai and Oman.
  • Airport to Airport Package: It is probably the fastest and easiest way to change your visa. With the Airport to Airport Visa Change (A to A Visa Change), you’ll take a flight to a nearby country (Kuwait, Bahrain or Oman) from Sharjah International Airport or Dubai International Airport and sometimes fly back by the same flight. This package includes visa change services plus roundtrip flight tickets.